Student Leadership


Each year all students at the end of Year 10 are invited to apply for the prestigious role of either Prefect or Senior Sports Captain to take up their positions at the start of Year 11.  This prestigious role is highly sought after and demonstrates a real commitment of each student in playing a key role in the life of our busy school environment.  All candidates are interviewed for these positions by our Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral) and other members of staff to develop their interview skills.  If successful at interview each Prefect and Senior Sports Captain takes part in our Leadership Away Day, off site at a suitable venue.  During the Away Day students learn more about the whole concept of leadership whilst getting the change to develop their team work skills with other students.

Our Prefects and Senior Sports Captains each have a distinct tie and badge awarded to them by our Headteacher in a special assembly.  This is a sign to all other students of the personal pride and commitment these individuals have for our school.  During the year these students receive a bespoke Leadership Programme of events include first aid training and a personalised careers pathway.  Our Year 11 Prefects play a key role in the day to day running of the school and are always present at functions such as Parents Evenings and Open Evenings.  Our Senior Sports Captains work closely with our Head of PE to ensure a varied range of sporting competitions are offered throughout the academic year to all our students.