Friends of Cannock Chase High School is a group of passionate parents and staff who are working together to support the school to be the best it can be - it's our version of the PTA


Staff Members


Miss J Simpson - Deputy Headteacher - Cannock Chase High School – Chair

I wanted to be a member of the FoCCHS as I wanted to make a difference to the lives of our young people and support in creating fun events and activities that would be long lasting memories for them. Seeing how stretched school budgets are in being able to buy the ‘extra’ things that make a difference to the students environment, has made me determined to raise funds to make these things happen. I am very excited at the prospect of being able to raise enough money to build an outdoor dining shelter for our students. This will be a legacy that students for years to come will be able to enjoy.


Mrs L Sieradzki – French teacher, Year 7 tutor - Cannock Chase High School- Head of Fundraising

As I have always been involved in whole school fundraising from “European Bake Off” to “The Olive Foundation Christmas Box Appeal” and would like to try and do more for the school, especially in these uncertain times. I feel I can liaise with staff and really contact a wider audience in school. I love being a tutor and working closely with my head of year and really wanted the opportunity to help my school in this fantastic fundraising cause


Mrs H Allen – Careers RPA & IAG Manager - Cannock Chase High School – Head of Communications

Having worked with students at Cannock Chase High School for a number of years, I realised there are a number of ways we could work more effectively with the wider school community to make a difference through fundraising. I have experience of networking and organising events and feel I can support the group through innovation of new ideas.


Parent Members

E Hardwick

A Mallen

L Spriggs

D Hanson


R Gosling

R Matthewson



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