Mobile Phones


Students are allowed to bring mobile phones to school but they must be placed securely in their bags and switched off when entering the school gates. Any student wearing a smart watch must have it set to flight mode. Should a mobile phone be seen by a member of staff at any time on site, it will be confiscated. Smart watches will also be confiscated if being used for anything other than a watch. This may also result in a parent being asked to collect the phone/smart watch under certain circumstances. The school reserves the right to confiscate, withhold and pass on phones to external agencies, such as the Police, if the school believes there is inappropriate material/images held on the phone.

The school has a duty of care and responsibility when items are confiscated or handed to members of staff for safe keeping. We will co-operate and support if an item is lost or stolen, however, the school cannot be accountable for this loss or damage.

Valuable items are brought onto school premises are done so at the students' own risk.