'Governors are committed to the school and its community. They feel part of the team culture established by the headteacher and share school leaders’ high aspirations for the school. They are rightly proud of the improvements that have been brought about since the last inspection.'

Ofsted 2018

Chair of Governors: Mrs Nikki Westwood

Introducing the Governors

The Governing Body consists of parents, staff, Co-opted Governors, Community Governors and Partnership Governors. Governors may be contacted via the school office.

Mrs N Westwood:   Parent Governor, Chair of Governors (Linked to: Safeguarding) (

Mr C Squire:        Parent Governor, Vice Chair of Governors  (Chair of Finance & Resources Committees, Linked to: Finance and Quality of Education) (

Mr S Afgan:         Parent Governor (

Mrs C Aldridge:     Parent Governor (Linked to: Attendance, Personal Development and Safeguarding) (

Mrs H Allen:     Staff Governor (

Mrs T Bryan:     Appointed Governor (Linked to: Curriculum, Teaching & Learning) (

Mrs P Bury:     Appointed Governor (Linked to: Inclusion and Sixth Form) (

Mrs R Forster:    Appointed Governor (

Mr S Gooderham:   Appointed Governor (Linked to: Finance)  (

Mrs E Hale:    Staff Governor (

Mrs J Handley:   Parent Governor (Linked to: Health & Safety) (

Miss D Jinks:      Staff Governor (Linked to: Behaviour & Attitudes) (

Mrs D Merrick:     Co-opted Governor (Linked to: Behaviour & Attitudes and Inclusion) (

Mr I Turnbull:     Headteacher (

Mrs J Wood:        Parent Governor (Linked to: Health & Safety) (

Miss C Worrall:     Staff Governor (

Miss C Galpin:     Clerk to the Governing Body (

Meet the Governors

Governing Body Committee Structure

Terms of Office: 4 years duration (with potential at the end of that period for re-election providing the eligible criteria are still met).

All regular Governor meetings are held on Wednesdays and start at 4.30pm.  Ad-hoc meetings (e.g disciplinary meetings, exclusion meetings) are held to fit in with Governors and the school’s needs.


Regular Committees each meet once per term (ie 3 times per year) unless stated otherwise.

Full Governing Body

Standards Committee (Behaviour & Attitudes, Personal Development, Inclusion Reports)

Standards Committee (Quality of Education, Leadership & Managemnet Reports)

Finance & Resources Committee

Ad-Hoc Committees (Convened as and when required)


Not all Governors sit on all the Committees.

The Governors make decisions on a wide range of matters affecting the school and monitor its progress and standards.  They ratify policies and procedures, staff salaries and pay progression and any matter pertaining to the school’s function and role in the community.  They have the final say on whether or not a student is permanently excluded, and are responsible for setting the school’s targets on attainment and attendance annually, as well as the Headteacher’s performance management targets (usually by a sub-committee of three Governors, advised by an external adviser).

Committee Membership and Terms of Reference

Full Governing Body

Membership: All Governors

Full Governing Body: Terms of Reference

Standing Committees

Meetings are calendared, and for whom a quorum is one half of the membership of the Committee.


Standards Committee (Behaviour & Attitudes, Personal Development, Inclusion Reports)

Membership: as indicated in the .Meet the Governors Document

Standards Committee (B&A, PD, IR): Terms of Reference

Standards Committee (Quality of Education, Leadership & Managemnet Reports)

Membership: as indicated in the .Meet the Governors Document

Standards Committee (QofE, L&M): Terms of Reference

Finance & Resources Committee

Membership: as indicated in the .Meet the Governors Document

Finance & Resources Committee: Terms of Reference

Ad Hoc Committees

The Governing Body has the authority to set up any ad hoc committees and working parties as appropriate (such as committees that need to be convened as part of a staffing reduction process), however, those committees will usually fall within this list of ad hoc committees.  The Chair of an ad hoc committee may be determined by the full Governing Body or delegated to the committee to elect.

Disciplinary Committee: Staff

Disciplinary Committee: Students

Hearings Committee

Appeals Committee

Ad-Hoc Committees: Terms of Reference