Staff Directory

Leadership teaM

Mr I Turnbull, Headteacher
Ms J Simpson, Deputy Headteacher (Standards) (Please note, Ms Simpson is on maternity leave during academic year 2017-18)
Mr D Reynolds, Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 4 Standards)
Mrs G McAuley, Assistant Headteacher (Curriculum, Learning, Teaching & Assessment)
Mrs T White, Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 3 Standards/Primary Transition/SENCo)
Mr R Howes, Assistant Headteacher (Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare, Lead Teacher for Looked After Children)

Mrs C Mills, Assistant Headteacher (Post 16)

Mrs H Daniel, Executive Business Manager


directors of Learning communities

Mrs E Hewitt, Director of English Learning Community
Miss C Connors, Director of Mathematics Learning Community
Mrs S Northfield, Director of Science Learning Community (Acting)
Mr C Stormont, Director of Creative & Design Learning Community
Mrs J Lucas, Director of Global Learning Community
Mrs K Pearson, Director of Sport & Healthy Lifestyles Learning Community

Mrs L Dale, Director of Social & Enterprise Learning Community

Directors of year

Mrs E Fisher, Director of Year 7
Mrs R Nolan, Director of Year 8
Mrs A McLean, Director of Year 9
Ms D Jinks, Director of Year 10
Mrs E Hale, Director of Year 11
Mrs C Mills, Assistant Headteacher (Post 16)


pastoral support

Ms E Rutter, Pastoral Manager (Years 7 & 10)
Ms L Guy, Pastoral Manager (Year 11)
Mrs D Edwards, Pastoral Manager (Years 8 & 9)
Miss J Roden, Sixth Form Manager
Miss C Worrall, Director of Student Services