Pastoral Care

Cannock Chase High School operates a strong and effective pastoral system based upon traditional values of respect, manners and good behaviour.  The Pastoral Team are there to support each and every student to ensure no child is left behind, feels valued and supported, academically achieves and holistically grows and develops during their time with us.

Our Pastoral System operates in a number of ways:

  1. Pastoral Casework - That is individual work with students who are having problems be they of an academic, vocational, social, emotional or behavioural nature.
  2. Pastoral Curriculum - This includes both the 'hidden curriculum' that is the ethos of the school, the day to day relationships between staff and students, the value system of a school, the opportunities for moral, spiritual, social and cultural development as well as the more formal and overt pastoral curriculum, which would include, though not be limited to, the PSHE work whether done by form tutors or by subject specialists.
  3. Pastoral Systems - That is our rewards and sanctions system in school that ensures a calm and controlled environment where students can learn without distractions whilst being rewarded and acknowledged for their unique contribution and efforts.

The Year System

Cannock Chase High School operates a ‘horizontal’ based system.  Students are placed together in Year Groups under the care and guidance of a form tutor.  The form tutor is the first point of contact for each student, providing advice and guidance on a daily basis. Each Year Group is led by a Director of Year who has an overview of the Year Group both from an academic and social perspective.  Directors of Year set the tone for each Year Group and are a visible daily presence around school.

Directors of Year for 2017/2018 are:

Year 7 – Mrs E Fisher (email:

Year 8 - Mrs R Nolan (email:

Year 9 - Mrs A McLean (email: ) 

Year 10 - Miss D Jinks (email: )

Year 11 - Mrs E Hale (email: )

Directors of Year are supported by non-teaching Pastoral Managers and a Director of Student Services who provide additional support and guidance to students and to parents. The Pastoral System is overseen by an Assistant Headteacher (Mr R Howes) responsible for all aspects of pastoral care and safeguarding (

The House System

There is also a strong House tradition and allegiance at Cannock Chase High School. Our House System provides a framework for internal competitions and student development. It is hoped that every child will support his or her House and participate in as many activities as possible during their time with us. Upon arrival at the school in Year 7, students will be placed in one of four Houses and will remain within this House for the duration of their time with us.  Our four Houses have local connections with our school and are named:

Allport Named after an important 18th century Cannock family, two roads around the school carry this name. BLUE

The ancient name of Cannock in the Domesday book and the former name of the school, which is now Upper Site.


The Pennines are an area of outstanding natural beauty, as is Cannock Chase. Pennine Drive, near the school, is named after the line of hills that forms the “backbone of England”.


The name of an area of Cannock and the former name of the school, which is now Lower Site.