Sixth Form Summer Tasks 2021


Please follow the links below for details of the summer tasks set as part of the Sixth Form Taster Week. 

Students intending to enrol on programmes starting September 2021 must complete all relevant summer tasks and submit them to their teaching staff during their first lesson of that qualification in September. Failure to do so will compromise any offers of study.

Please contact Mrs C Mills, Assistant Headteacher (Post 16), with any concerns or queries. 

A level



Biology: Resource

Business Studies


Computer Science: Task 1

Computer Science: Task 2

Computer Science: Task 3

Computer Science: Task 4

English Language

English Literature


History: Task 1

History: Task 2

History: Task 3


Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Physical Education

Philosophy and Ethics


Psychology PP

Psychology: Task 1



BTEC Courses

BTEC Child Development