Annual Parental Consent Form

    Any student taking part in a school trips must complete a Consent Form. This Form is designed to cover standard, low-risk, non-residential and non-overseas visits (paper copies are available from the School Reception). Residential/overseas/adventurous activities trips require an extended Consent Form. These forms will be issued by the trip organiser prior to each event.

  • My child has the above medical or special needs.

  • My child has the above dietary needs.

  • Please click here to see details of the school's Trips and Visits Insurance: Insurance Document

  • Please click here to see more details on the potential modes of transportation that may be included: Modes of Transportation

  • I am willing to make voluntary contributions as appropriate to each trip/visit, as per any specific letter in relation to those trips/visits.

  • I give my consent to any photographs taken on visits being used in school or education service promotional information.