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Revised Testing Schedule (Monday 6 September)

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August/September 2021 Testing Schedule

In September schools and colleges are once again being asked to perform the role of public health and implement a mass COVID testing programme for the start of the new academic year.  This will once again result in changes to our published start dates.  Therefore, the important dates from a testing perspective for September (please be aware that this refers to the tutor and year groups for next academic year 2021-22).  In the case of our new Year 7 students, they will not know which tutor group they are in, therefore on Tuesday 31 August we are asking that they stagger their arrival based on their surname.  Please print off and complete a copy of the Consent Form, if we do not have consent, they cannot be tested.  The Form can be found uin the right hand column on this page.

If you do not wish to consent for them to test, they can still attend Summer School as per the instructions in previous correspondence.

For your child to participate in the Testing Programme you need to do nothing if you previously consented in March.  If you no longer wish for your child to participate you need to withdraw consent using the SimsApp.  If you did not consent for March but now wish to you should activate the consent on the SimsApp.  All amendments to the SimsApp need to be completed by Friday 6 August.  If you need an access code for SimsApp, please email,


On Tuesday 31 August, Wednesday 1 September and Monday 6 September your child will need to arrive on site at their allocated time and report to the Upper School Gym where they will repeat the process from March.  They will return home immediately following their test and you will be contacted by Public Health England with the outcome.  If they do not have consent we will be unable to test them and they will be returned home.


Updated 21 July 2020

On 2 July the Government published detailed guidance for the full opening of schools (, from the beginning of the Autumn Term.  It is the Government’s expectation that all students in all Year groups will return to full time school from September.


There is separate guidance for parents in relation to September (


Reducing the Risk

There are general principles anyone can follow to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, which are outlined on the NHS website.


Further Information

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